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      If you craving for High quality modern jewelries with tons of high end design of choices but, with the most ideal prices. Here is your spot to shop!
The Official Merci Prière® Jewellery Line; We are specialized in 18K & 24K gold triple PVD plated modern jewelries, every pieces of our Merci Prière® jewelries we certify the originality and which are exclusively handcrafted by the finest Italian American craftsman using hypoallergenic materials, lead and nickel free external coating.
Also We have a great amount of extremely rare Vintage & Pre-owned great found, plenty of Vintage & Modern designer's items in selection. Most of the consignments are under excellent condition and care. We have a team of authentication Inspectors with us, strictly only original designer's items. Any inquiry please feel free to contact us at sales@mercipriere.com. Our customer service will be professionally help on your questions.
Enjoy your shopping with us, Serve you soon!
Merci Prière®
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